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Lemnos, the island of Hephaestus, is the 8th largest island in Greece and it is located east of the North Aegean. A place that, as Homer has mentioned in the Odyssey, is unpretentiously charming and will surely conquer you.

Amaranto Limnos

Our Location Limnos island

It has plenty of great beaches, interesting archeological sites – such as the oldest city in Europe or the first boulevard in the world – picturesque villages, Geological Park, and unique landscapes including a fossil forest and a real desert! You can also enjoy exquisite local delicacies and you will immediately realize that the island has its own gastronomic identity.

Limnos has been famous since ancient times for its wine, cheese and wheat as well as for its volcanic soil, Terra Limnia / Lemnian Earth, which gives unique taste and high quality to all the above. It is worth trying them all! This island is the perfect destination for those who seek peace and relaxation on their vacation but also for those who love adventure and discovery!

Our Village Kontias

Kontias is located in a distance of about 3 km from our accommodation. It is one of the largest scenic villages of Lemnos with its pine-covered hill and traditional stone houses which own the characteristic local shade. Walking by the entrance of Kontias you will find some imposing historic windmills standing there for more than 200 years, fully harmonized with the picturesque village calling every passerby to stop and be rewarded with elements of their history. The village was originally by the sea but was abandoned due to a pirate’s invasion around 1600. In this old area the only thing remaining is the medieval castle with the name Paleokastro of Kontea. Strolling around Kontias’ beautiful little alleys under the old plane trees every visitor is able to deeply enjoy a meal, a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink at cozy shops. There are so many things to admire in this village. If you have a passion for art, your vacation should not miss a visit to the Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art, where important works are hosted every year. In addition, it is impossible not to notice the unique constructed churches placed all around this village. The oldest one is the small church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos which is built like a fort with embrasures and old cannons. Last but not least, the impressive church dedicated to the birth of Christ which was burned but rebuilt with love and caring, definitely is worthy of a visit.

Our Beach Evgatis Beach

On the road connecting Thanos and Kontias in the south part of Lemnos, we come across one of the exquisite beaches of Limnos, Evgatis. The all white fine sand and the deep blue sea in Evgatis, create an exotic like feeling for the most refreshing dives.

The calmness of this landscape combined with an endless sandy beach help you maintain in peace on your vacation, enjoying even the most bustling days of summer. Evgatis is one of the most beautiful organized beaches of Lemnos, which is preferred by both youngsters and families. There you will find sunbeds, umbrellas, plenty of water sports, beach bars and taverns with delicious food.

Definitely your stay by a beach like this will blow up your traveling experience!

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