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About Us

On a field by the seashore filled up with the “immortal” herb named Amarantos , a flower that never withers, we decided to create a cozy hotel setting that represents our aesthetics and philosophy about hospitality.

Amaranto Limnos

Welcome to Amaranto at Evgatis Limnos

The idea turned into a plan and this plan got in action creating the homonymous apartment complex of Amaranto. It was constructed with absolute respect towards the environment and has our first guests arriving at the summer of 2021.

The four apartments stand out, with dominant elements wood and stone while the whole construction is made by high quality materials! The simple and sophisticated interior design helps you maintain calm and relaxed through your holidays.

Amaranto Apartments

The whole landscape combined with the view of the deep blue sea blend perfectly with the buildings’ style and their exterior design. From our flats you have direct access to Evgatis beach. Taking a walk at the sand by the sea will give you a sensuous feeling. The sun, the moon and the stars of Limnos will fill you up with peace and complete the idyllic scenario for your stay at the island of Hephaestus.

We are looking forward to host all of you and treat you with the same respect we have for the island’s natural environment, in a venue that honors high aesthetics, in an ideal facility for your vacation even for the most demanding guests!

Amaranto Limnos
Amaranto Limnos

Naming & Logo

Choosing this particular name was not random… The golden flower of Greek countryside that blossoms everywhere in Lemnos, amarantos or Helichrysum siculum, still grows all around our apartments, giving them its name, its beauty and even its unique scent in the air all year long. According to mythology, the flower is associated with the completion of the love between Paris and Helen of Troy, while historically amarantos was used as an alternative medicine, contributed to good health and its soothing effect was said to be helping someone who used it to have a better memory. After all, our ultimate goal is to help you get in touch with your emotions while achieving mental and physical rest through your stay at our apartments. This is the bigger picture of the reason we became passionate with offering luxury hospitality.

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